Nocturnal Gnashing

As we come down to the wire, we’re going to have to face our biggest foe:  Worry. Beyond all of the external good will and internal bravado, we have to face facts. What we are going to attempt on Sunday’s IRONMAN is scary. Just from writing about the event and getting into the heads of the athletes and trainers, I am having trouble sleeping.

Put yourself in the Nikes of any of the 2,749 brave souls who are on the verge of an undertaking that only a fraction of the Earth’s population has achieved and likely you too, will be tossing and turning into the dawn.

Maridee has told us that she has struggled with insomnia before a big race. And Christine, her trainer, explained that this is a normal part of the process. It’s part of respecting the challenge. The key will be in breaking a long, intimidating day into manageable components. Step by step. Get your swim completed and then get on your bike…

In this message of sticking to the basics and relying on your conditioning, the beauty is in the simplicity.  And when it comes to fundamentals, Maridee has little to worry about. She has already won many significant acknowledgements. Christine, the marathon master and Maridee’s mentor says, “I think Maridee is a real inspiration for so many people – especially those who doubt whether they could ever do something like this. She inspires me!”

Those thoughts, and similar ones that are shared by many, should make Maridee rest more easily. Good night and good luck!

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