Weather Predictions

No one knows for sure what the weather will bring. Amid changing forecasts for Sunday’s IRONMAN race, there is some concern about rain. To eliminate speculation, I’m going to trump the Weather Channel and intervene with the most reliable source available: Gumby.

Our malleable, dough-headed friend is calling for clear skies, so you can pretty well count on seeing the sun. Maridee has reported headwinds during every trial run of what promises to be a challenging bike course. Given the gusts and the grade, Gumby’s sunny disposition is garnering a welcome response. Driving rain for 180km is a killer.

If it turns out to be deadly hot, the run will land during the time of waning temperatures, so athletes may get a break on 2 fronts. The lake is relatively tepid at this time of year so no kinks have surfaced regarding the swim.

The participants received their race packages Thursday and all of the paper work looks good. Spectators and media should be well trained too, because the primary mode of transportation for many will be bicycle.

The one burning question to be answered is how the spectators will find their way from midpoint in the run back to the finish line, travelling through the woods in the dark. For some reason, I was explicitly warned against mounting my trusty kerosene lamp on the wicker handle-bar basket on my bike… If you see a flare on the Valley Trail in latter part of the evening, it may or may not be fireworks greeting top finishers.

(Photo by Dan Fulano)

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