Rising Above Uncertainty

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Behind every successful performer is a great manager. Just ask Michael Bubulé . Without the guidance and gumption of Bruce Allen, it’s unlikely Michael would have soared to the astronomical heights he has reached today. And behind Maridee, there is no one more invested in the outcome of her star than Christine Suter, owner of C2Sky Multi Sport in Whistler, BC.

Uber-trainer, Christine, is no stranger to Maridee’s development in endurance sports. For twenty years she has shepherded MD through every one of her many steps leading to her first IRONMAN in 2011. “When she started, Maridee didn’t want to put her head under the water. Now she’s a strong and efficient swimmer,” commented Christine.

She may have floundered as a little guppy back then, but she’s riding high on waves of confidence now. Even so, every athlete has questions about how they will perform on race day. “In spite of all the accomplishments under her belt, Maridee has doubts. It’s a normal part of the process,” says Christine.

And Christine understands doubts, because she’s been there. Not only has she completed numerous IRONMAN competitions and marathons, she has cajoled countless athletes across finish lines throughout North America. Including Maridee, she is training a total of 6 registrants for Sunday’s event and preparing to participate in the race herself.

She is intimate with the physical requirements for IRONMAN competition, but Christine is also in tune with the psychological elements. She has an array of powerful mental exercises. When she gave me a summary of the breathing and visualization techniques she prescribes to her pupils, I actually believed I was Lance Armstrong – and that people believed what I was saying!

Whatever you believe, in 4 more days there will be only one reality. The gun will sound, the race will begin and the chips will fall where they are destined to land. Until then we will stay loose and keep breathing.

(Meditation Master by kalavinka)

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