Ironman Epilogue

Journey’s End with Maridee:   

Maridee Wrap Up

Here are a few of the great memories of the 2013 Whistler Ironman:



Row of Swimmers


Line of Cyclists


Bear Mike Kopec

(Bear photo Mike Kopec)



Victory 2

Maridee gave us a great, exhilarating ride as we all shared in her dedication, her difficulties and ultimately, her triumph. From the first rush of entering the water, to grinding it out on the bike and the run and finally, after a very long day, to the  welcome comfort of the tinfoil blanket, she took us with her.

And all of Maridee’s training paid off, because where most of the finishers had difficulty ascending the 4 concrete steps to the Olympic Rings in Whistler Village, I witnessed her bounding up more and steeper steps than these (below) in order to get home after the race. MD is literally climbing higher every day.

Thanks, Maridee. We will wait patiently for your next adventure but in the meantime, you will forever be our IRONMAN!

Stairs xispo

(Stairs photo by ixispo)

Media Cred2




Remember to watch for the next story. Until then, so long and thanks for coming along.



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