4 Weeks to Go


There’s only 4 weeks left as she races to the starting line. Maridee has just 28 days to prepare for one of the monumental milestones of over 50 years of life, laughter and tears.  She has been training for the Whistler IRONMAN since January, but how she will feel on race day is still unknown.

“Every day is different. You train as much as you can and do your best to cross that finish line. Training is a key part of the process. You can never be too ready and you can’t fake it or phone it in. Preparation is everything and with 4 weeks to go, I feel pretty confident”, MD explained in our recent interview.

And train she has. Since the beginning of the year Maridee has biked 2,000 km, run 350km and swam more than Flipper, TV’s favourite dolphin did in an entire season.  She could have stopped in on her bike to see him at the studio, because the 2,000 cumulative km she has put in is equal to riding from her home in Whistler, BC to Hollywood, CA.  And don’t forget the 350 km Maridee has ran through rain, sleet and searing heat. Move over Forrest Gump, because that’s like running from Vancouver to Kelowna!

With that kind of foundation is place, we won’t call it easy, but the prospect of a 180km bike, 4km swim and 40km run shouldn’t intimidate her. Today, her regime includes swimming the entire course, 4hrs on the bike and a 2hr run, for a planned total of 7 ½ hrs. What have you got planned for your day off?

It’s an amazing accomplishment just to reach this point in the process, not to mention the ’95 Portland Marathon, the 2011 Penticton IRONMAN and various triathlons and sprints she has completed. We’ll be following her right up to the edge of the lake, August 25, where the swim component of the race begins and when she sets out to carve another notch in her belt.

And speaking of belts, Maridee humbly and humorously says, “To tell you the truth, I just do this so I can eat anything I want!” After everything she has put her body through, she gets to take the cake – and all of our admiration.

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