Do Ironmen Care About the Environment?


You bet. Athletes who gravitate toward non-mechanized (running, swimming) and non-motorized sports like cycling are by nature closer to the earth. So it stands to reason that those who participate in sports that have low carbon-footprints relate to environmental causes and want to keep Mother Nature healthy.

This is not to say that Formula One drivers, drag boat racers and tractor pull participants don’t associate with environmental issues.  Perhaps, GoDaddy endorser and Indy race car driver, James Hinchcliffe, and members of other gas-guzzling sports support numerous environmental causes, but they would have to just to break even.

Maridee, Whistler IRONMAN registrant says, “Everyone I know in the sport seems to have a tendency toward environmental awareness. It’s a very pure sport that lends itself to natural qualities; earth, wind and water.” And don’t forget fire. Maridee’s legs were burning after interval training on the weekend, repetitively running and biking straight up hill to prepare for the August 25th start date.

Triathletes may punish their bodies, but they don’t hurt the environment. Whistler, with its experience hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics has a history of upholding progressive environmental standards for local events and IRONMAN will be no different. “We recycle, use biodegradable supplies when and where we can, and we consume a limited amount of energy”, explains Maridee.

There will be no shortage of energy expended by these top athletes as they set out to conquer 4km of lake and 220km of road (much of it uphill); 180 by bike and 40 on foot. We bow to their courage, their commitment and their dedication to an organic sport that’s low to the ground and high on the environment. Good luck to all participants!

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