Bear Minimum

Black Bear Crop

A machete wielding maniac would make me run, but not as fast as a 500 lb bear coming at over 40 km/hr. On the scenic trails of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada, bears have been sighted. But when I heard the rumour that organizers were releasing a hungry bear onto the course as a way to promote higher speeds for runners training for the 2013 IRONMAN,  I was surprised.

It’s not a bad way to generate interest and sell tickets, but you won’t find more dedicated, disciplined or motivated individuals than the top level triathletes who are preparing for a full IRONMAN competition. And that includes Maridee, the accomplished amateur athlete whose story and training we continue to follow closely. She went from couch potato to super fry in a few short years. She doesn’t like running and didn’t know how to swim – but she’s an IRONMAN and not afraid of bears.

We’ll be documenting her progress – the tears, the pain and the glory – right up until she crosses the finish line August 25th, 2013. She’ll tell us how she found her path to inspiration in a way that will motivate all of us, so please stay tuned…

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