Electric Avenue

Here is Maridee putting in some long hours training on her bike (part of the 2,000 – 3,000 km she will put in during her 6 months of training for the August 25, Whistler IRONMAN. Coming from the city, we wondered why there would be a guard house at the edge of the park.

MD with Bike Cropped

Then a bit later in the ride, we realized that it was there for a reason. Stuff happens out in the woods – and I was worried about bears.

Burning Tree

The photo is a little blurry because we were running away to avoid being crushed, burned or electrocuted – take your pick. Look closely at the tree leaning on the power line and you will see the smoke coming off of it. We weren’t sure who to call; the fire department, the power company or Geraldo…

MD IM Bike Cropped

I guess we should have just stayed on the main road with MD. We eventually found the right way, the sun came out again and Maridee had a good workout – but she didn’t believe our story about the wrong turn and the tree. Only 16 days to go…

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