6 Days to Go


Whatever your final time, no matter where you land on the list, you have won this race. Some will receive awards, others may gain professional recognition, but every one of the 2,792 brave souls who have entered the August 25, Whistler IRONMAN event have won our respect and admiration.

You have toiled through endless weeks and months of training and preparation. Juggled jobs and family commitments and overcome naysayers and nagging injuries. You have dared to achieve what only a handful of people on the planet could even imagine accomplishing. And for this, you all stand tall on my podium.

Very few will come away with medals but all will leave with powerful, indelible feelings and life-lasting memories. To help you claim your rightful swag and overcome your last hurtle of uncertainty, anxiety or boredom, I suggest focussing on one thought: Relief.

In 6 days, the arc will be completed. The unknown will be revealed and you will bask in your reward of self-actualization. You haven’t dreamed this, it’s not a trick of your imagination. It’s a reality that you have created from your own determination.  In 6 days it will all be behind you and you will be changed forever.

One race day, the long moment between the report of the starting pistol and the sound of your name at the finish line, will be your moment. You’ve come here to live it and nothing will stop you now. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6….

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