5 Days Until We Roll

Excitement crackles throughout the village of Whistler, BC as the countdown continues for the August 25th IRONMAN event. Although many settled in weeks ago, athletes are continuing to arrive from other parts of Canada and countries from around the world.

The race-registrants are visible around town, but in these final days of contemplation, you’re more likely to see these uber-achievers on a local hay ride than dancing on tables or pounding shooters in any of the notorious night spots. These people are not here to party – at least not until after the race – they have come from all over the globe for the ultimate test of endurance.

But there’s no need for local publicans or merchants to fear any loss of trade. Any deficit in night-life shenanigans or wild shopping sprees will surely be filled by hard drinking journalists and high flying senators on expense accounts – although it’s getting harder to distinguish between the two…

Any energy expended by these disciplined, focussed competitors will be on physical training and mental preparation. They will be keeping their powder dry and their sights aimed toward the big day, Sunday.

It’s notable that the average age of race participants s is a lot closer to forty-five than twenty-five. And like Maridee, whose progress we have been following since July 17th, there are many who are fifty years and older.  Sixty may be the new forty, but twenty years ago, most of us would be more than surprised if Granny announced that she was becoming a competitive triathlete.

Spectators of all ages are welcome, and at free, the price is right. It’s going to be a great event and Whistler will be the place to be this weekend. Accommodations are tight, but there’s always room for sports fans, party-hounds and abstainers alike. So come on down and see the mettle these Ironmen and women are made of.

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