The First Finisher and the Late Night Finals


Winner, Trevor Wurtele from Vernon, BC, with a time of less than 8hrs, 40min.

Later Finishers

The race continues into the night. These athletes have been at it for almost 14hrs. It was fun to watch a high-level professional athlete win the race, but much later, when these people came in, with the husky, compelling voice of the announcer calling their names, one after another, it was like a church revival meeting.

But instead of shouting for their salvation, he cried out for celebration: ┬áJohn Smith, from Tumbler Ridge, BC, “You-are-an-Ironman!” Over and over he called each of the names of the finishers as they came thorough, and each time the crowd erupted. We never got tired of hearing his frenetic mantra. We all joined in, again and again, each time slightly louder, “You are an Ironman!”, and all us of shared in the miraculous finish of each of these heroes of the day, and in a way, we were all born again.

These determined participants have dreamed of this for months, even years. And behind each one of them and their visions of this moment, there is a story that came with them to this place, and now it has arrived at its climax. Cheers, tears, release and relief – “You are an Ironman!!”

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