Privilege or Penalty?

Fighting libertygrace0

“There’s something about being so called “privileged” where people treat you differently. Some of them want to suck up to you in hopes of getting something from you. Other want to test you, knock you down a peg. It’s like you always have something to prove. Whether it’s showing the wannabe parasites that you’re not a patsy or being challenged by someone who wants show that you’re not so special, that you can bleed just like a regular guy, there are lot of sources of potential conflict out there.

“My first fight was with a kid named Mendelstein. We exchanged ethnic slurs, I probably slung the first, and we both ended up with black eyes. After the fight we shook hands, became friends and moved forward. Today, people carry guns and shoot you for looking the wrong way.”

Barney’s beginnings with fighting and controlling his emotions started after he was sent to private school. Today it would be referred to as “acting out”. He was able to find an outlet for his aggression by channeling his energy into sports. Like his father, he was a natural athlete and Barney became an all-star cricket player at school.

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