Staying Ahead of the 8 Ball

Time management has long been one of the keys to success. Because it is a limited resource, we need to get the best return on our investment of our time. So when we are at work, we need to focus on things that are going to make a difference to our career.

There will always be nagging chores that require our attention, but if we let them monopolize our time, we risk having our ideas and creative energy being drained away. To stay on top of this, make a list of daily priorities and short term weekly goals, all of which should support your long term goals in your projects, your business or your career.

Stick to the agenda! If you get bogged down, don’t get frustrated – try to get motivated and find ways to get the little things taken care of so you can get back to concentrating on the big picture. One way to do this is to remember that the niggling nuts and bolts are necessary to keep the big wheels rolling. Recognize the relative value of the little things while you keep your sights on your long term goals and accomplishments.

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