Most of our careers start, rise and fall based on our ability to sell ourselves and our ideas. But to do that, we need to be consistent in our confidence in those ideas – and in our ourselves. Here is something to assist in maintaining consistency and self-confidence:



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Think About It

Dawn, I’m glad this is opening up your thought process. A great way to get – and keep – ideas for your job flowing is to start thinking about things that will move your employer forward, but move you ahead as well. Once you make the connection between the two goals, it’s easier to get motivated and come up with ideas.

What improvements can you contribute to that will get you noticed? Maybe you can identify processes that you could streamline or improve to make things more efficient – and get credit for doing so. Here’s an objective: Think of things that bring value to your employer, recognition to you, and enhance your skills and/or increase your worth in the workplace. If you can accomplish all three of these, you’ll have a hat trick!

The most important thing is that you will be thinking of new things, ones that will take you in a positive and productive direction.

Need New Ideas

The programs video is really interesting – it’s got me thinking… And I think I’m not getting the ideas I need to move me ahead in my job. Suggestions?


Tough Love Boat

Thanks for the photo, Sam, it’s pretty dramatic and you are very brave to come out with it. If I am seeing this correctly, I suggest you jump ship immediately – the sharks in unknown waters will likely be an improvement to what you appear to be experiencing now. Otherwise, you should probably go for the job of the guy with the whip.

We’ve all had jobs we didn’t like and maybe there have been people in our work environment who didn’t like us. We must work to survive, but there are limits. Your job in the marine industry is definitely a transitional job with a capital “T”. This is strictly a situation where you are making contacts and looking for another job while you are sticking it out where you are.

Between the lashes of the whip, you must put together a long term strategy, a career ascension plan. This might involve additional training, working toward specialization, developing niche skills and possibly geographic relocation. Each step of the plan should be taking you forward to your goal and let’s all learn from Carly’s experience and try to have some fun while we do it! In the meantime, try a one-liner on that guy swinging the stick, maybe he won’t hit so hard…

(Photo: Personeelsnet)

An Unbelievably Bad Job


Wish I could say the same about my job. I work in the marine industry. It’s a good field and the work is challenging and can be rewarding, but the people are not very nice in my workplace. I smuggled out this photo of what goes on, so I could show my friends. Nobody believes me when I tell them how bad it is.



A Fun Job

Happy Workers Kris Krug

I have a great job in the insurance sector right now. I’m not making tons of money, but I’m learning a lot and the people are great. The best thing is that it is fun! Humor is the glue that holds everyone together in our workplace. It’s not like we are making jokes about people getting in car crashes or being injured when we write up their policies, but we make it a point to keep things light and enjoyable in our office.

Carly                                                                                                                                                (Photo Kris Krug)

Staying Ahead of the 8 Ball

Time management has long been one of the keys to success. Because it is a limited resource, we need to get the best return on our investment of our time. So when we are at work, we need to focus on things that are going to make a difference to our career. Continue reading